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Dec 3, 2013 5:30am PST
start to negotiate the best stands for the treat jar ukrainian economy live to one doesn't know what the words when we see you we want it back to times for me and we wanted to intensify all. this agreement is to be signed it was in the fall and it will be necessary to comply with the stunts. haiz co was not welcomed by all stations jesus. they hope to summon enough punishment revolts on tuesday to oust the cabinets. you are gentle called reached justified its decision by saying that ukraine could in the photo great treats aren't sweet to watch. he estimates showed about forty five cents of ukrainians support posts but integration with the eu. but that was ordered as favoring the most part sweet to watch bulls coach point two brackets you with the eu by finding some new ukrainian imports and a quick single trade sanctions. in two thousand knowing dispute between kiev and moscow on gas prices resulting gas being cut off to the ukraine for a three week period the general cctv transmission out to thailand anti government protest leader says that the attacks obama said on tuesday that he
Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
many common interests were close trading partners were trying to develop a global economy together and i think that's gonna be a big part of the message is not just a newbie about the crisis over in her defense though i would say that joe biden isn't that the condition of mediating pensions. this law might i add the rice and all. what kind of united states may not fully agree with each other it's a bloody and eighty i see both sides say that a moment to calm the situation calls for sustained high level gauge. i'm sad it's all about. this is about twenty four inches. major concerns on cctv. they did. french the issues you more. ril has arrived in beijing just in time to attend the closing ceremony of the nineteenth france china economic seminar on thursday. they're all delivered a speech at the ceremony. saying that france hopes to reach an economic balance with china the seminar is an annual event co hosted by the china council for the promotion of international trade and the french to the committee every year a delegation of french governor's lead by the french government official
Dec 7, 2013 5:30am PST
these countries featuring economy the protesters continued to iran even independence square another ukrainian delegation with the most critical of russia's power and customs union. the blockade your name then didn't play. preventing access to the presidential i've found that an independent man. given that direction. it didn't rain today op ed the flimsy as adjusting the height of the time being at least the government to put pen to color eggs the protests. and on reports the ukrainian government preparing for a possible snap election. if you use this escalating standoff. domestic cctv in independence square ikea nelson mandela he said to be buried in a private ceremony in his home village of cool next sunday. this weekend there will be a national day of mourning for former south african president. he passed away on thursday evening at the age of ninety five on tuesday a memorial service will be held this a way to giving millions a chance to see their final farewells cctv scott henderson reports from the family home inaza the knee boat. he's releasing its operations the leak at the kt to the
Dec 2, 2013 5:30am PST
but complementary stages of development policy because we believe in open economies and heartless because they want to free up on trading system. china sash is encouraging chinese companies to take part in infrastructure construction in the uk including severely nuclear power plants and high speed railway is why it also promises to further open its market up to foreign investment. china hopes the two sides will work together and develop more economic policies to advance and the drug trade. the two sides have said that the target of one hundred the lead u s dollars worth of trade a twenty fifteen with you. what the companies and our two countries take advantage of china's before in an open up and bring our trip. licensed to a new stage the idea. david cameron has brought album from discount business delegation from various sectors including banking energy infrastructure information technology and healthcare. there were also three hundred chinese delegates from a chinese company. and i hit the summit in vehicles with that interested in wealth generation and generation. my curious and in the uk. china
Dec 6, 2013 5:30am PST
that the file from the son of the contents of the social economy can encroach on our orientation abt it and that's why it sometimes some of the guys call it the rainbow nation he believed that an. and can be put off the friend tracy is cut to about their grounds and in its mission of the teens can know where to get down to write for the dome. that's why he touched it on top importance in working with either and nations and that i know was that the two cannot be an eu court and to the country for several concurrent them. and that's why he too seemed to ease the tension as the president and current pushing to build stronger ties with the time now for more insight into the pulsing of the nelson mandela joined in the studio by mr neil pitching his staff alike chinese ambassador to south africa. he also said that china's special envoy on african affairs. thank you very much for joining us this time passing up soda for ministry has cooled demand data an old friend of china so tell us how did he contributes to ties between china and south africa is that the system and a nice gravy. those friend of chin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)